After struggling with "not feeling myself" or having the vitality I've usually enjoyed, I sought help from regular MDs and alternative healthcare folks and got either misdiagnosed or just a partial fix that never really solved the issue.

Then I went to Dr. Snelling and found someone highly trained and experienced in performing an integrative, multidimensional analysis that uncovered the root causes-- and prescribing nutritional supplements that literally within two days had me back to my old self. Even my partner and friends noticed my pep was back! And it's still here!

This man is a godsend for Marin County. He is a Holistic Chiropractic Physician, and he is phenomenal. He evaluates structural, nutritional, heavy metal, subtle emotional, etc. imbalances and deficiencies that blend his decades knowledge and experience in a wide variety of time-tested diagnostic and treatment modalities to provide a truly targeted and accurate model for individualized health care.

If you're still in pain or not feeling great-- and tried everything-- check out Dr. Snelling. This guy is phenomenal!

Michelle, Santa Cruz

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