Blood Test Analysis

Supplement Recommendation through Blood work, Urine &/or Hair Analysis - NOW AVAILABLE!

The Science Based Nutrition report is the most comprehensive analysis available. Below are some of the key features that set us apart from others:

  • Health-wellness-report-analysis.jpgIndividualized supplement recommendations & dosages specific to test findings, age, sex, & weight of the patient
  • Dietary recommendations with meal recipe
  • Compare color-coded current and previous test results on the same page
  • Incorporates multiple factors for each condition or diagnosis including the patients symptoms, medications, blood tests, hair tests, chelation and urine tests
  • Complete laboratory analysis to document and monitor current disease processes and tendencies toward disease
  • Color-coded report to quickly identify problem areas
  • Correlation of tests results with symptoms, lifestyle habits or medication side effects that could contribute to the abnormality.
  • Comprehensive list of lifestyle recommended based upon thepatients individual test results.

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