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Dr. Gerry Snelling


Dr. Gerry Snelling brings forty years of professional development in natural and integrative healthcare to create Snelling Total Wellness and offer you an experience of profound personal and spiritual healing.

Trained in longevity and anti-aging medicine, he brings together advanced nutritional science, a passion for the body’s intuitive wisdom, and deep insight into the human condition creating an atmosphere of positive energy and optimism for life.

Dr. Snelling’s life path combines a warrior spirit with a desire to help humanity. Driven by an adventurous and philosophical nature, his early life included periods of world travel intersected by a changing and developing career in natural and integrative healthcare. As a founding member of a seminal holistic center in London in the 1960’s, he was exposed to a unique blend of new and ancient wisdom from naturopathy to yoga philosophy and psychology. His journey took him from India, to teaching yoga to movie stars in Hollywood and running a Montessori School as well as a yoga school in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Snelling graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1981 and has been in private practice in both Laguna Beach and Mill Valley, California. During that time he continued extensive study in Applied and Clinical Kinesiology and metabolic nutrition. In 1991 he became board certified in Body Integration Systems, a holistic healing protocol. In 1995, he was introduced to Dr. Barry Sears, American’s leading anti-aging physician. Recognizing the valuable research that Dr. Sears was contributing to the field of wellness medicine, he incorporated Zone dietary technology into his work with patients. In 2008, Dr. Snelling became certified as a Brimhall practitioner and actively utilizes the 6 Steps of Wellness in his current practice.

Dr. Snelling has recently returned to the Bay Area to create Snelling Total Wellness, a holistic integrative healthcare clinic providing refuge from the vicissitudes of life and a way to take charge of your own wellness lifestyle. His personal interests include cycling, martial arts and all wisdom traditions.

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