“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

-Arthur C. Clarke

December 2016

Dr. Snelling and his group are not only experts in their field but also some of the most supportive and compassionate practitioners you will find. I was experiencing a bizarre and frightening situation such that I could not eat for 3 months. His expertise in metabolic nutrition kept me going while I subsisted on smoothies. He worked tirelessly with his unique approach towards unraveling the blocks in my body that interfered with being able to chew and swallow properly. Building off the work I was doing with Dr. Snelling, I later used traditional Voice and Swallowing Therapy. I was finally able to eat again. Huge relief and big thanks!

-- Marie O. , Fairfax, CA

Dr Snelling is amazing!!!

I was feeling like a 90 year old woman, every symptom, absolutely horrible. I was so afraid because I have so many dreams to fulfill and if I have no health I have nothing! Then a friend of mine told me how much Dr Snelling helped her and her whole family so I decided to give it a try. He found out what I needed for my body to get healthy again, and in a matter of days, I felt much better. He gave me some nutritional supplements to take after my appointment that I began taking but soon ran out of. When I did not take the supplements for a few days I began to feel absolutely horrible again and all my symptoms returned. I scheduled another visit and he again put me on his treatment table to figure out the cause and what my body needed. After two days I started feeling much much better again, I could not believe it in a matter of two days I went from feeling horrible (on a scale of 10, from 2 to 9). My health changed dramatically in only 2 days! So now I have no doubt he gave me and is giving me the exact nutrition that my body needs to heal itself. Previously, I went to traditional doctors and never felt well at all and they did not talk to me and explain things like Dr. Snelling. I have been feeling so much better since I have been under his care. I take my supplements daily and every day I feel better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr Snelling!!!

Esperansa Romani Flaquer Lynch
August 2016

I met Dr. Snelling while I was training for competitive cycling in Marin County, California. Our elite group contributed to the recognition of cycling in the US, and resulted in world recognition of US teams in the Tour de France. I’m an architect, so I also know a high level of technical competence is also mandatory in competitive sports. I noticed this on my rides with Gerry, so I wasn’t surprised to learn he was a British National Champion.

This extended to his profession as a holistic doctor as well, which I discovered when I consulted him for a systemic health issue diagnosed as “psychosomatic” by an immunologist. Dr. Snelling’s modalities were considered “unusual” at that time, but his diagnosis was confirmed when I requested a surgical investigation. Three years ago in Tucson, he advised I seek a second opinion on a minor health issue. No abnormalities were found. In Marin, I irritated an old back injury by hitting a surprise pothole on the bike. A MRI resulted in a “dire” prognosis from three local orthopedists, so I’m back in Dr. Snelling’s local office. His applied modalities I know well, which produced rapid improvement. This has proven to me he’s impartial to his, or anyone else’s professional opinion. The health of his patients is his only priority.

The world has finally caught up with Gerry, and it isn’t on the bike! Neuroscience, genetics, physics, and even astronomy, are confirming the scientific validity of what Dr. Snelling applies to his practice. Light wave frequency can alter cellular and brain abnormalities, and the use of ultrasound waves can regenerate damaged tissue. In April 2014, physicists and astronomers submitted proof that made history. Our universe was created by gravitational waves.

Organisms on our planet are ruled by gravity, and have their own personal electromagnetic field. We respond to light and wave frequency from the sun and our universe. The food we eat, what we think, colors we wear, our lifestyle, and even how other people respond to us, is all about wave frequency. This is one of Dr. Snelling’s specialties, and he’s one of the few that knew it decades ago. It’s given him ample time to perfect his expertise. Do they work? I invite you to find out.

R.- Sausalito, CA

Dear Dr. Snelling,

I would like to extend to you my appreciation for the care you have given me over the past fifteen years. I originally came to you when I was in my sixties with what was popularly called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Through your mastery in kinesiology techniques, my system returned to normal and since then, as various other symptoms emerged, you have been able to either reduce their effects or eliminate them.

Several years ago you suggested that I be checked for prostrate cancer as there was an indication of a problem in that region. As nothing had showed up during my annual physical with my medical doctor, I requested that he perform some additional tests. After a biopsy, the cancer became evident. I was treated with radiation at the hospital for several months and simultaneously treated by you with your natural healthcare protocols. As a result, the cancer has been totally eradicated with virtually no side effects. I still get checked each year and my PSA reading has stayed well below normal.

Since that time and as more and more information has been published regarding inflammation, the immune system, free radicals and a whole host of other findings in health and longevity, I know I will benefit from your continuing study of these topics as you have always been on the leading edge of advanced natural healthcare.

J. Kent Blanche
San Francisco

I’ve known Dr. Gerry Snelling for over 10 years. In that time he has provided me with consistently exceptional healthcare. His approach and techniques uncovers the underlying cause of problems – many times undiagnosed by traditional medical practice. I’ve been amazed at how easily and quickly he has understood what others seem to miss. If I didn’t see the science and logic behind the approach he uses, I’d almost say it was magic! I recommend everyone see Dr. Snelling, both for on-going health maintenance as well as more acute situations.

Jan Becker
Kentfield, California

"Gerry's knowledge and passion for healing is remarkable. He is a walking encyclopedia about the various nutritional supplements and has a magic touch with the new chiropractic tools he uses in his practice. I am honored and grateful to be working with such a wonderful healer ever since we began working together over a year ago. Since that time, my immune system has improved considerably. I no longer catch every cold and sinus infection from the little ones (I am a teacher!) My creaking joints and subtle pains of aging have all diminished. After each appointment, I walk out feeling stronger, more confident and ready to face the on-going trials and triumphs of my life journey."

Meghan A., San Francisco

I am an 87 year old woman who has been a professional artist most of her life. Some years after taking a late retirement from a 30 year career as a scientific illustrator for the University of California, I developed a severe, elusive, debilitating pain in my back. The pain made it impossible for me to use my arm. I couldn’t do housework; I was forced to give up driving and I quit painting. On bad days I would lie in bed writhing in agony unable to find relief. At mealtimes, my adult son often would have to cut up my food for me.
Pain killers provided little relief and caused other problems. I tried every health approach I could find including Kaiser’s Pain Clinic, chiropractic, acupuncture, and various muscle testing and relaxation regimens. While each approach brought some health benefits, none could find the source of the problem or bring me relief.

Then a friend referred me to Dr. Gerry Snelling. Using applied kinesiology and drawing on his extensive experience with nutritional and metabolic medicine, he not only was able to relieve the pain, but to build my body back up with diet and nutrients to the point where the pain rarely bothers me. When it does appear, I now can usually manage it with short periods of rest and relaxation. Thanks to Dr. Snelling’s care, I am once again actively engaged in life and may start painting again.

Jaime Lufkin
Berkeley, California

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